September in Ludington!

Annual Tree & Plant Sales

Every year, local organizations offers sales for tree seedlings and for native plants. Take advantage of this great service!


Summer Music

After a busy day at the beach or at work, it’s time to kick back and relax a while. What better way than to listen to some music.

Arts & Crafts Classes in Ludington

Ludington has many businesses to help you enjoy crafting and appreciate the finished product. Let them help you create your own masterpiece!

Ludington Petunia Parade

During the summer is the Petunia Parade in Ludington featuring 30,000 petunias lining Ludington Avenue and the marina.

Family Friendly Events

Ludington hosts many events and activities that are geared toward kids and families, that’s part of what makes the area so great!

Ludington State Park Summer Events

The Ludington State Park holds multiple events for the whole family during the summer months. Don’t miss the live music and presentations!


Visit downtown Ludington and enjoy music and family activities in an outdoor setting, to celebrate Octoberfest!