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Custom Web Pages to Feature Your Business

Are you a small business owner wanting a simple and effective way to promote your business on the internet? Advantage Marketing can help!

With over two decades of website development experience, Advantage Marketing has learned the ins and outs of website construction and management. We’ve seen technology and security requirements become more complex with every passing year, and we’ve been working hard to provide reasonable, affordable solutions for our small business clients.

How We Promote Your Custom Web Page

Once your web page is built and approved, we will feature your business page in one or both of the following promotions:

Your story will also be promoted in the bottom section of other participating businesses, and we also link to your web page story from a variety of pages which are related to your type of business.

Two Types of Custom Web Pages

Perhaps you already have a website, but you want more coverage in search engine results. Or maybe you need a new website which is simple, affordable, and fully-managed. Whichever scenario applies to your needs, Advantage Marketing can help! 

A Web Page Which Sends Traffic to Your Website

Looking for a way to boost your website’s SEO, and to promote your business with an exclusive story? We craft a detailed promotional page for you which is a mix of editorial and advertisement, sometimes referred to as an advertorial. Here’s how a web page on or can help boost traffic to your website:

  • Improves SEO (search engine optimization) for your website, providing you with back links from a high ranking resource. and are reputable, long-standing websites which are favored by Google.  
  • Provides you with additional ranking positions in the search results index, so your business shows up in multiple places.

A Web Page Which Replaces Your Website

Custom web pages may also be ideal to replace websites which only have a few pages of content. Many smaller websites can be consolidated comfortably into a single page solution. Business details such as directions, hours of operation, phone number, a website contact form, and a well-rounded description of products and services can be included in a single page format .

  • Avoid the frustration and complexity of building and maintaining a website on your own. Advantage Marketing takes care of everything!
  • If you’ve considered hiring a professional to build a website for you, but the expense is more than you want to spend, a custom web page solution is affordable for even the smallest budget.
  • Your main focus must be your day to day business operations, so our marketing team takes care of content updates for you!

Domain Name Management

Looking for a new domain name for your small business?

Advantage Marketing & Publications, Inc. is ready to help you with domain name branding strategy, so that you select a domain name most likely to bring you successful results. From acquiring a new domain name, to protecting the domain name or names already owned, clients can rest easy knowing that their domain name management is in the caring and capable hands of Advantage’s local team of professionals. Advantage Marketing’s vast experience comes from managing many hundreds of domain names for over 20 years.

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Featured Businesses with Custom Web Pages

The Jam Farm

The Jam Farm in Ludington is the place to get all the best homemade jams, jellies, butters, marmalades, and other homemade goodies!

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