Ludington Area Map Guide

This user-friendly, full color map is not an ordinary road map.

The Ludington Area Map Guide (published locally since 1998) features a Business Index to help you easily find shops, restaurants, and points of interest, complete with phone numbers and addresses for digital directions. In addition, the Ludington Area Map Guide will point you to our popular beaches, parks, boat launches, lighthouses, scenic lookouts, and trails. It’s beautiful to look at…easy to use…and small enough to fit in your purse or pocket.

Distributed Locally for FREE!

We print 20,000-30,000 maps each year, so be sure to pick up your FREE copy today. You can find the Ludington Area Map Guide at area locations including restaurants, lodging facilities, retail stores, service businesses, and more.

More Activities & Attractions in Ludington

Pet Friendly Places

Your pet should feel right at home in Ludington. There are many businesses that allow pets and parks and beaches for them to play on.

Charter Boat Fishing

No matter your experience level, Ludington area charter captains will guide you in what to bring and what to expect on the big lake.

Ludington Skate Plaza

The Ludington Skate Plaza is a popular spot for kids with skateboards or in-line skates, and also draws spectators to Stearns Park.

Ludington Art Scene

Ludington is alive with an array of artistic events that take place throughout the year. There’s music, photography, art galleries, and more.


Ludington is home to several different museums for people of all ages! Highlighting our area’s careers, businesses, history, and culture!

Trails and Tours

Discover all of the different trails and tours that Ludington has to offer! Discover a water path, hiking trail, or an art work stop!

Activities & Attractions

There are so many things to see and do in Ludington! Don’t miss a single activity during your visit by exploring!

Weather & Water Conditions

West Michigan weather – they say if you don’t like the weather in Ludington, wait a few minutes and it will change.

Sunset Times

It rises and sets every single day, and nothing is more breathtaking than our spectacular sunsets over Lake Michigan.