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Sunset Times in Ludington

Enjoy a Ludington Sunset Over Lake Michigan!

It rises and sets every single day, and nothing is more breathtaking than our spectacular sunsets over Lake Michigan. Pick one of the best places to watch the sunset, such as the Ludington’s North Breakwater Light Pier, or from the beach at Stearns Park or Ludington State Park, then kick back and enjoy nature’s show. No need to guess when the sun goes down, we have the sunset times right here.

Sunset Side Concessions

May 2022 Sunset Times

Sunday, May 1st – 8:48pm
Monday, May 2nd – 8:49pm
Tuesday, May 3rd – 8:50pm
Wednesday, May 4th – 8:51pm
Thursday, May 5th – 8:53pm
Friday, May 6th – 8:54pm
Saturday, May 7th – 8:55pm

Sunday, May 8th – 8:56pm
Monday, May 9th – 8:57pm
Tuesday, May 10th – 8:58pm
Wednesday, May 11th – 9:01pm
Thursday, May 12th – 9:02pm
Friday, May 13th – 9:04pm
Saturday, May 14th – 9:03pm

Sunday, May 15th – 9:04pm
Monday, May 16th – 9:05pm
Tuesday, May 17th – 9:06pm
Wednesday, May 18th – 9:07pm
Thursday, May 19th – 9:08pm
Friday, May 20th – 9:09pm
Saturday, May 21st – 9:10pm

Sunday, May 22nd – 9:11pm
Monday, May 23rd – 9:12pm
Tuesday, May 24th – 9:13pm
Wednesday, May 25th – 9:14pm
Thursday, May 26th – 9:15pm
Friday, May 27th – 9:16pm
Saturday, May 28th – 9:17pm

Sunday, May 29th – 9:18pm
Monday, May 30th – 9:19pm
Tuesday, May 31st – 9:20pm

June 2022 Sunset Times

Wednesday, June 1st – 9:21pm
Thursday, June 2nd – 9:22pm
Friday, June 3rd – 9:22pm
Saturday, June 4th – 9:23pm

Sunday, June 5th – 9:24pm
Monday, June 6th – 9:25pm
Tuesday, June 7th – 9:25pm
Wednesday, June 8th – 9:26pm
Thursday, June 9th – 9:27pm
Friday, June 10th – 9:27pm
Saturday, June 11th – 9:28pm

Sunday, June 12th – 9:28pm
Monday, June 13th – 9:29pm
Tuesday, June 14th – 9:29pm
Wednesday, June 15th – 9:30pm
Thursday, June 16th – 9:30pm
Friday, June 17th – 9:31pm
Saturday, June 18th – 9:31pm

Sunday, June 19th – 9:31pm
Monday, June 20th – 9:32pm
Tuesday, June 21st – 9:32pm
Wednesday, June 22nd – 9:32pm
Thursday, June 23rd – 9:32pm
Friday, June 24th – 9:32pm
Saturday, June 25th – 9:33pm

Sunday, June 26th – 9:33pm
Monday, June 27th – 9:33pm
Tuesday, June 28th – 9:33pm
Wednesday, June 29th – 9:33pm
Thursday, June 30th – 9:32pm

Snyder's Shoreline Inn
Blue Spruce

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More Activities & Attractions in Ludington

Sunset Times

It rises and sets every single day, and nothing is more breathtaking than our spectacular sunsets over Lake Michigan.


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Waterfront Park Sculptures

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Historic White Pine Village

Discover small town life in the late 1800s and early 1900s at Historic White Pine Village in Ludington, overlooking Lake Michigan.

Charter Boat Fishing

No matter your experience level, Ludington area charter captains will guide you in what to bring and what to expect on the big lake.

Ludington Has Two Lighthouses!

Ludington visitors flock to the area to view our two majestic lighthouses, the North Breakwater Light and Big Sable Point Lighthouse.

Bicycle Trails

Both beginners and experienced cyclists will enjoy the variety of trails available to explore in Ludington!

Value of Sports Museum

Visit the new Value of Sports Museum located at Historic White Pine Village just a short drive from Ludington.