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Bicycle Trails

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your biking journey, Ludington is a great spot for both! And Ludington is home to the Shoreline Cycling Club, which hosts a weekly ride on Thursdays at 6pm, beginning at Legacy Plaza.

Memorial Tree Park

If it’s your first time taking to the trails, check out Memorial Tree Park — a great beginners trail that runs just under a mile.

Cartier Park

For those who are more advanced, explore more than three miles of mountain bike trails in Cartier Park. This trail offers both a trail ride and a paved path for easier, smooth riding with family and friends. This trail also connects through to Memorial Tree Park. 

School Forest

Another beginners trail that is single-track, The Ludington School Forest trail was built by the local Shoreline Cycling Club and offers a shore, fun ride for the entire family!

The Coast Loop

This loop begins and ends at Stearns Park Beach and takes riders on paved roads, forest trails, and more. Save this loop for the more advanced riders as conditions and elevations do fluctuate. This loop, as a whole, is as long as 98 miles!

The Ludington State Park

The Ludington State Park provides a beautiful ride as you take in forests, sand, rivers and Lake Michigan. This route in its entirety is 15 miles, but allows beginners to enjoy the ride. 

South Lakeshore

A route for more intermediate riders, South Lakeshore begins and ends on Ludington Avenue — taking you out to Pentwater and back. Riders will pass by the Pump Storage Overlook and ride up to 41 miles during this trip. 

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More Activities & Attractions in Ludington

Cool Things to Do

Check out our picks for the top 50 coolest things to do in Ludington, Michigan, along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Fishing on Hamlin Lake

Fishing on Hamlin Lake

If there’s one thing that Hamlin Lake is known for, it’s excellent fishing. Catch crappie, bluegill, and more across thousands of acres.

Trails and Tours

Discover all of the different trails and tours that Ludington has to offer! Discover a water path, hiking trail, or an art work stop!


There are many places for anglers to try their luck, and Ludington has such a great variety of fish. The area also has great charter captains.

Ludington Skate Plaza

The Ludington Skate Plaza is a popular spot for kids with skateboards or in-line skates, and also draws spectators to Stearns Park.

Charter Boat Fishing

No matter your experience level, Ludington area charter captains will guide you in what to bring and what to expect on the big lake.

South Bayou Park

Enjoy this small, relaxing park as an easy place to place your boat in the water or throw a line out to catch some pan fish for dinner.

Fall Color Tour

Enjoy an afternoon drive around the Ludington area in October and fill your senses with the vibrant colors of fall.

Night Life

The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down here in Ludington! Nightlife here includes festivals, cozy restaurants, and local performances.