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Bicycle Trails

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your biking journey, Ludington is a great spot for both! And Ludington is home to the Shoreline Cycling Club, which hosts a weekly ride on Thursdays at 6pm, beginning at Legacy Plaza.

Memorial Tree Park

If it’s your first time taking to the trails, check out Memorial Tree Park — a great beginners trail that runs just under a mile.

Cartier Park

For those who are more advanced, explore more than three miles of mountain bike trails in Cartier Park. This trail offers both a trail ride and a paved path for easier, smooth riding with family and friends. This trail also connects through to Memorial Tree Park. 

School Forest

Another beginners trail that is single-track, The Ludington School Forest trail was built by the local Shoreline Cycling Club and offers a shore, fun ride for the entire family!

The Coast Loop

This loop begins and ends at Stearns Park Beach and takes riders on paved roads, forest trails, and more. Save this loop for the more advanced riders as conditions and elevations do fluctuate. This loop, as a whole, is as long as 98 miles!

The Ludington State Park

The Ludington State Park provides a beautiful ride as you take in forests, sand, rivers and Lake Michigan. This route in its entirety is 15 miles, but allows beginners to enjoy the ride. 

South Lakeshore

A route for more intermediate riders, South Lakeshore begins and ends on Ludington Avenue — taking you out to Pentwater and back. Riders will pass by the Pump Storage Overlook and ride up to 41 miles during this trip. 

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More Activities & Attractions in Ludington...

The Baby Badger

A children’s flotilla that’s a miniature replica of the historic S.S. Badger carferry. Children get to ride in one of many “cars”.

Hamlin Lake

Hamlin Lake is where you want to be. It offers terrific summer recreation, including swimming, boating, tubing, and more!

Ludington Art Scene

Ludington is alive with an array of artistic events that take place throughout the year. There’s music, photography, art galleries, and more.


Ludington is home to several different museums for people of all ages! Highlighting our area’s careers, businesses, history, and culture!

Disc Golf Courses

Disc golf is a big deal here in the Ludington area, with up to 20,000 people per year visiting one of our six courses.

Ludington Has Two Lighthouses!

Ludington visitors flock to the area to view our two majestic lighthouses, the North Breakwater Light and Big Sable Point Lighthouse.

Value of Sports Museum

Visit the new Value of Sports Museum located at Historic White Pine Village just a short drive from Ludington.


The Ludington Pumped Storage Plant and Lakewinds Energy Park are the two main sources of energy that power Ludington! Check them out!