Ludington Salmon Fishing

LUDINGTON SALMON FISHING – photo by Todd and Brad Reed Photography

Salmon Fishing in Ludington is Exceptional

Ludington, Michigan is located in West Michigan on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Salmon fishing is considered very good in Ludington due to the area’s natural resources, and its well developed fishing industry. Ludington’s deep-water port provides easy access to Lake Michigan, making it a prime location for fishing enthusiasts who are seeking a salmon fishing experience to be remembered!

The DNR and the Ludington Charter Boat Association team up every year to release coho salmon into the Sable River at the Ludington State Park. In April of 2023, the DNR released 15,000 from the net pens and 27,000 from the Platte River Hatchery, for a grand total of 42,000 coho salmon.

The waters off the coast of Ludington provide excellent habitat for salmon, with a combination of warm water from the south and cold water from the north creating an ideal environment for salmon to thrive. Nearby is the Pere Marquette River, a major spawning ground for salmon, which attracts large numbers of these fish to the Ludington area during their annual migration.

Ludington is also home to the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant, which has created an ideal environment for salmon to thrive. The plant’s water intake system draws in cold, nutrient-rich water from the bottom of Lake Michigan, which creates the perfect conditions for salmon to grow and reproduce.

Ludington’s harbor is where the Pere Marquette River meets Pere Marquette Lake before emptying into Lake Michigan. The harbor is sheltered from the larger waves found on Lake Michigan, and it’s a very popular spot for anglers with smaller boats, or for those who want to enjoy calmer fishing on windier days. 

Ludington’s large fleet of experienced charter captains and outfitters know the local waters and can provide visitors with everything they need to have a successful fishing trip. The area also has a large variety of lodging and dining options, making Ludington a convenient and enjoyable place for anglers to visit.

Overall, Ludington’s unique combination of location, natural resources, and fishing community make it an ideal location for salmon fishing

OF INTEREST: Locals often use a nickname for the Pere Marquette, and call it by PM Lake and PM River.

Salmon Fishing in the Pere Marquette River and PM Lake

Pere Marquette Lake and River river provide a variety of fishing opportunities for different skill levels, from novice to expert. The Pere Marquette River is a world-class salmon and steelhead fishing destination, attracting anglers from all over the country. 

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