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Ludington's Great Outdoors

Here in the Ludington area, we have a LOT of “Great Outdoors!” We take pride in our miles of beautiful beaches, the Ludington State Park, the Manistee National Forest, and all the activities that take place in Mother Nature’s playground. Golfing, fishing, boating, hunting, biking, and endless winter activities. The fun is endless all four seasons of the year. Fresh, clean air and the great outdoors of West Michigan. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Cartier Park Campground
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Beaches & Parks

What could be more enjoyable than a day at the beach? If your idea of a perfect summer day is swimming, sunning, or people-watching, then you’ve discovered paradise. Pretty parks and beaches are scattered throughout the region, some along the lakeshore, others among wooded regions. Most parks have picnic tables, grills, and playgrounds.

Stearns Park Beach in Ludington | Photo by Todd & Brad Reed Photography

Bike Trails

The Ludington area has many safe and scenic areas in which to bike. You can choose to ride along the downtown waterfront, bike through a wooded forest, or take a trip out to the Ludington State Park. Either way, you’ll enjoy fresh air, exercise, and wonderful views.


Lakeshore communities are blessed to have historic and beautiful lighthouses, and here in Ludington, you can visit these structures, which includes the North Breakwater Light and Big Sable Point Lighthouse.

In addition to the lighthouses in Ludington, there are many other lighthouses in West Michigan to explore. Read more about them here

The Ludington State Park

It’s the #1 State Park in the Midwest, and here’s why! Campgrounds, lighthouse, dam, beaches, hiking, and biking trails and informative summertime programs give visitors so much to do.  Woods, water, wildlife- you’ll find it all at the Ludington State Park.


Camping is becoming a very popular activity for families and couples. It’s inexpensive, and with all the forests and natural woodlands in Ludington, there’s never a shortage of campgrounds. 
Nothing is better than sitting around a campfire with those you care about and enjoying all the activities within the campground; such as swimming, biking, hiking, and fishing.


Ludington has beautifully landscaped golf courses to enjoy. Swinging a golf club is relaxing and great exercise, and when you’ve got fresh air and gorgeous surroundings, why wouldn’t you want to head out on the links?

Disc Golf

Disc golf shares many similarities with traditional golf, but instead of a ball, players toss a disc down a course and try to get to the target in as few throws as possible. The winner is the player who completes the course with the lowest score. Ludington has many disc golf courses for you enjoy.

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Whether it’s fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan, trout in the PM River, or walleye in Hamlin Lake- we’ve got the best variety here in Ludington. And local fishing tournaments give anglers a chance to add a little money to their pocket in addition to the fish in their bucket.

More Outdoor Fun in West Michigan!

Silver Lake Sand Dunes and Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness

Life along Lake Michigan, with its often windy conditions, makes for some fantastic dune formations. Ride the dunes at Silver Lake for a thrilling experience or enjoy the quiet solitude of the Nordhouse Dunes. Strategically planted dune grass helps keep the sand in place, ensuring that these dunes will survive for thousands of years to come.

Fall Color Tour

Autumn is one of our most beautiful seasons in Ludington. The trees turn glorious colors, and the landscape is awash in golds, reds and oranges. Driving down one of our back roads is both relaxing and pleasing on the eye.

Winter Fun

There’s no need to hibernate during the winter months in West Michigan- not with all the great outdoor activities that use the snow for fun! For those who love snowshoeing or cross country skiing, you won’t have to travel far to enjoy your sport.

Discover more around Ludington!

South Bayou Park

Enjoy this small, relaxing park as an easy place to place your boat in the water or throw a line out to catch some pan fish for dinner.

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What's happening now in Ludington?

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More Activities & Attractions in Ludington

Murals of Ludington

Within the downtown Ludington region, several murals grace the façades of local area businesses, telling stories of the area’s rich history.

Activities & Attractions

There are so many things to see and do in Ludington! Don’t miss a single activity during your visit by exploring!

Fishing on Hamlin Lake

Fishing on Hamlin Lake

If there’s one thing that Hamlin Lake is known for, it’s excellent fishing. Catch crappie, bluegill, and more across thousands of acres.

Ludington’s Great Outdoors

Ludington has miles of beautiful beaches, the Ludington State Park, and all the activities that take place in Mother Nature’s playground.

Bookstores & Coffee Shops

Just blocks from the beach is the heart of downtown Ludington, where you can shop, dine, and enjoy summertime events.


The Ludington Pumped Storage Plant and Lakewinds Energy Park are the two main sources of energy that power Ludington! Check them out!

Hamlin Lake Dunes

Hamlin Lake Sand Dunes

Small destinations within themselves, visitors of Hamlin Lake will go on an adventure to find their perfect dune.

Ludington Art Scene

Ludington is alive with an array of artistic events that take place throughout the year. There’s music, photography, art galleries, and more.

Fall Color Tour

Enjoy an afternoon drive around the Ludington area in October and fill your senses with the vibrant colors of fall.