A View From Above

Photo by: Todd & Brad Reed Photography

An Aerial View of Big Sable Point

Breathtaking, isn’t it? This aerial photo highlights the area of land known as Big Sable Point, which includes Hamlin Lake, Ludington State Park, the Ludington harbor, and miles of gorgeous fresh water coast. It’s such a beautiful playground for all to enjoy!

Below, we have divided the overall image into sections which include details about that specific section of the aerial photo. The number on the individual section matches the number on the image at the top of this page.

Old Hamlin Restaurant
AM Friday Night Live/Final Friday Experience

Big Sable River

The Big Sable River watershed drains into Hamlin Lake. Hamlin Lake is actually mad-made, controlled by a dam located within the Ludington State Park. Downstream, the river empties into Lake Michigan.

Indian Pete Bayou

Indian Pete Bayou is located on Upper Hamlin Lake.

The Narrows

The Narrows is where the larger areas of Upper Hamlin Lake and Lower Hamlin Lake are connected by a narrowed waterway.

North Bayou

Located on Lower Hamlin Lake, the North Bayou is the largest of the lake’s many bayous. 

Middle Bayou

On Lower Hamlin Lake, the Middle Bayou is (obviously) in the middle, between the South and North Bayous. 

South Bayou

The South Bayou is near the southern end of Lower Hamlin Lake. The South Bayou Park has a free boat launch, but larger boats may not be able to fit under the South Bayou bridge, so be sure to investigate before launching!

Lincoln Lake

Lincoln Lake is a widened of the Lincoln River waterway. Cartier Park overlooks the lake, and the bridge by Epworth Heights passes over the river.

The Ludington Harbor

The Ludington Harbor is actually part of Pere Marquette Lake, which is a widened body of water where the Pere Marquette River empties into Lake Michigan. The S. S. Badger carferry dock is located here. 

Stearns Park & Beach

Stearns Park & Beach is a must-see location in Ludington, with an expansive beach, shaded picnic areas, and the entrance to the North Breakwater Lighthouse pier.

Epworth Heights

Epworth Heights info coming soon…

First Curve

First Curve info coming soon…

Sargent Sand Company

Sargent Sand Company info coming soon…

Hamlin Lake Dam

Hamlin Lake Dam info coming soon…

Ludington State Park Gate

Ludington State Park Gate info coming soon…

Big Sable River Outlet

Big Sable River Outlet info coming soon…

Lake Michigan Beach House

Lake Michigan Beach House info coming soon…

Big Sable Point Lighthouse

Big Sable Point Lighthouse info coming soon…

Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area

Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area info coming soon…