Mason County Lumber Heritage Trail

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The Lumber Heritage Trail Highlights Ludington's Rich History

Ludington has a rich history in lumbering, so in recognition of this, the 2013 Harbor Festival launched the Mason County Lumber Heritage Trail. Experience what life may have been like in the late 1800’s when the lumber economy was booming. At one time, there were 14 mills along Pere Marquette Lake with numerous smaller villages dedicated to the hundreds of workers who were employed by the mills. Huge amounts of lumber were manufactured and and shipped out to larger cities like Chicago and Milwaukee.

Many people explore this rich lumber heritage by making their way along the trail, using their smartphones to hear the stories associated with each site. 

Dial (231) 480-3084 and use the stop numbers below for an audio narrative:

  • (#121 & #138) Lumber Museum at Historic White Pine Village 1687 S. Lakeshore Drive
  • (108) Lumber Sculpture at Waterfront Park- 200 S. William Street
  • (#100-#106) Lakeview Cemetery- 906 N. Lakeshore Drive
  • (#118-#120) Pere Marquette Cemetery- 5884 W. 6th Street
  • (#109) Warren Cartier Residence- 409 E. Ludington Avenue
  • (#110) Marshall Butters Residence- 412 E. Ludington Avenue
  • (#111) Antoine Cartier Residence- 501 E. Ludington Avenue
  • (#112) Emery Weimer Residence- 510 E. Ludington Avenue
  • (#113) W.T. Culver Residence- 701 E. Ludington Avenue
  • (#114) James Foley Residence- 702 E. Ludington Avenue
  • (#115) Daniel Goodenough Residence- 706 E. Ludington Avenue
  • (#116) John Joyce Residence- 201 S. Washington Avenue
  • (#117) Milton Ward Residence- 309 S. Washington Avenue
  • (#107) Frank Filer & Edward Stanchfield Residence- 201 N. Gaylord Avenue

The Lumber Trail is a part of the Mason County Cultural Trails. Also included are:

The Sculpture Trail

The Barn Quilt Trail

The Agricultural Trail