Photo by Todd & Brad Reed Photography

Music Heritage Trail

These are the Music Heritage Trail stops approved by the Cultural Economic Development Task Force. Dial (231) 480-3084 and use the following extensions for an audio narrative:

  • (600) The Flamingo Club – 14228 S. Lake Dr., Idlewild
  • (601) Paradise Club – 304 E. Sandusky, Idlewild
  • (602) Clown Band Museum of Music – 1687 S. Lakeshore Dr., Ludington
  • (603) Heritage of Performing Arts Series – 3000 N. Stiles Rd., Scottville
  • (604) WKLA Radio – 5950 US-10, Ludington
  • (605) Pleasant Plains Auditorium
  • (606) Rainbow Gardens – 930 E. Ludington Ave., Ludington
Nova Motel
The Jam Farm

For more information on the Music Heritage Trail, please visit:

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